COVID-19 – The Steps we’re taking to Support You!

To our valued customers old and new, we have prepared a statement to let you know what we’re doing whilst we continue to support you all in these crazy and essential times, please read on below to see what the teams doing.

At this difficult time for everyone around the world here at Jettec we would firstly like to hope that all of you are safe and we pray that this passes soon.


As an essential service Jettec Environmental must carry on doing what we do to support the needs of our existing and new clients as Septic Tanks will still need to be emptied and maintained.


Due to the Virus the owners of Jettec are working alone tirelessly in the office to ensure that customers can still be looked after, the team of Tim and Lisa are still operating the business around the clock every day of the week.


As you can imagine this does not come without risks at this incredibly difficult time and therefore we are taking many steps to ensure the safety of our staff and our customers.


Lisa Maria is actually an at risk individual due to existing health problems and therefore special things have been put into place to ensure the safest of environments until we get to the other side of this horrid disease.


Our duty of care to our on-going and new customers means we will still work for you where needed but we will make sure we our following all social distancing guidelines whilst working on site for you and we will be using the right safety equipment.


To do this we are staff will always take the following steps:


– We will wear PPE gear, gloves and masks at all times on site.
– We will maintain a safe distance of 2 or more meters with our customers.
– We will speak to you but only in a way which is deemed safe and puts no one at risk or contracting or passing the virus.
– We will fully clean up on site (Which we always do) and remove any of our materials so that you don’t need too.
– We provide Anti Bacterial Gels and our workers will be regularly cleaning their hands and replacing their gloves.
– We will NOT be making unnesseary stops on route to limit any virus contact.
– We will always come in clean fresh cloths which to stop any risk of infection.
– We will request that whilst on site you do remain in your property at all times whilst we carry out our work.
– We will not be providing Job Tickets at the moment but will invoice you accordingly for our services once company via Email.
– We will have staff keep their phones on and they will liase with you regarding the job by calling you.


Jettec’s moto has always been the same, come rain or shine we will be here 24/7 providing the best service for the prices possible. We’re on a difficult road at the moment with what’s going on but our mantra and our dedication to our mission as a company will not change as a result of this.


We can assure you all that not only will we not let you down; here at Jettec we will provide the safest working conditions possible for your peace of mind and personal safety.


We know the governments message of staying in and protecting the NHS to save lives is vital to us beating this terrible disease but we as we are still in need as an essential service we will work like warriors to support you at this time.


We believe that although we’re in dark times, we will come through this together and Lisa Maria and Tim would like to offer there must profound wishes to you all!


For 30 year’s now Jettec has run as a family company and we will continue to do so for many decades to come, our final message would be to stay safe and positive whilst keeping well.


If you have any questions or would like to know more about what we can do for you and our approach to COVID-19 please get in touch on 0800 023 4487


Best Wishes,
Lisa Maria and Tim