Insurance Claim Work, We’re here to Help!

Jettec is constantly being contacted regarding insurance claim works over Septic Tanks, as specialists in this field we are covered to work with leading insurance companies to carry our all septic tank and waste services for your home or business.

Septic Tanks Inspections

We provide Septic Tank Inspection Services for new properties and properties already owned.
Septic Tank installations although costly can be very cost effective in the long term if substantial damage has occurred to the Septic Tank Systems you already have in place. With Jettec we have 28 long years experience in organising and installing brand new Septic tanks, Cesspits and Waste Disposal systems in homes and business across the nation.
We will fully liaise with you on-site FREE (for the first visit) to outlay your needs and subsequently work with you on an action plan appropriate for your business or home. We will strategize your requirements and then provide all staff and materials needed within your budget to provide an installation which will be efficient and economical for years to come.

Septic Tank Repair

In the event that we do find during surveys some issue with you Septic Tank we do offer full coverage to correct the damage for you. Problems that can arise include but aren’t limited too: Leaks, Fractures, Root Damage and general wear and tear.
In all instances we have everything required to put this right to the standards need to fully cover you moving forward where your insurance is concerned. Our team will show you exactly what work needs to be carried out so that you can validate why we are doing work for you.
We have spent years providing repair services to 100’s of properties and can go as far as too fully replace your Septic Tank if this is required.

Professional Consultants

If you’re in need of advice and support on Septic Tank and drainage requirements for your property you can get in touch and we can help you. Jettec knows that this is complicated territory for anyone who doesn’t know what they are doing. We pro-actively promote first time FREE site visits for that we can help you ascertain your needs at no cost.
Our Quotes are also FREE so that you know what you’re looking at before you have to spend money!
With Jettec you are dealing with professionals, a company who truly knows the

New Home Owners

If you’re purchasing a home it’s vital you check if it has a Septic Tank and get it surveyed, this is often overlooked or only partially checked by general inspections. The first steps if you do have one are to get us on board to do a full survey of the tank and make sure that it is insurance worthy.
At Jettec we have worked with hundreds of customers nationwide to ensure that their Septic Tanks on new properties are installed correctly and fully covered for insurance purposes so you don’t face lengthy bills down the road.

Real Estate Agencies

Jettec are happy to work hand in hand with real estate agencies. We will offer you full support for all properties in your portfolio and can offer agency based fees to support you 24/7 all year long. We can carry out Inspections, CCTV Surveys, Installations and Maintenance of all Septic Tanks & Cess Pitts nationwide.